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Developer In-Hak Min
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Powerful Tcl/Tk IDE

MyTcl is an IDE which includes the convenient code editor, the debugger, and the latest Tcl/Tk interpreter. Comparing to the ActiveTcl, MyTcl provides the entirely different environment. You can use every functions of Tcl/Tk just by using MyTcl.

Embedded Tcl/Tk 8.5

Interpreting speed has been improved about 30 % than the previous version, and the latest interpreter (Tcl/Tk 8.5) is embedded in MyTcl.

Support quick help view function

MyTcl supports the official document of Tcl/Tk 8.5 and useful extension packages are embedded in MyTcl. And you can quickly see the help with F1 while you edit the code. It is also possible to add or delete the help by yourself.

Provide useful extension packages

Because Tcl/Tk has a long history, there are multitudinous and useful extension packages. This advantage can shorten time in developing the new program and puts perfection in your work. These proven extension packages are embedded in MyTcl, and you can add or delete a package in case of need.

Support convenient editing function

MyTcl supports syntax highlighting function which improves readability of code. Besides basically supported syntax highlighting, MyTcl also supports several syntax highlighting functions which can be edited or added. Because MyTcl also supports predictive text input and grammar with tooltips, you can save time for developing a new program. In addition, you can edit various files at the same time, and it is possible to arrange editor anywhere you want.

Support real time code analysis function

You can analyze the code in real time, while you edit your code. So it is possible to easily find or edit function, variable, and name space. In this version, Tcl Core, TclOO, and ITcl styles are supported.

Support debugging function

MyTcl provides a differentiated debugging function comparing to other Tcl/Tk IDEs. After setting a break point, you can trace or change the value of a variable with moving just one line at a time by pushing a debugging button. Besides this function, MyTcl also provides Go Step Into Step Out Step Over Run To Cursor Stop Abort functions like other IEDs. When you drag the variable on the Watch Variable window, moreover, you can conveniently debug your codes. On Watch Variable window, it is supported to see the local variables and variable types.

Support auto error catch function

And runtime error detection features has been added for the user-friendly. This feature available in the debugging mode.

Support generating a single execution file

MyTcl can generate a single execution file of your codes by using Tclkit. After performing this function, you can distribute a single execution without the interpreter. Also, MyTcl supports VFS (Virtual File System) editing function of Tclkit.